CP24 - Form Builder FAQ & Installation Guide

Installation Guide
  1. Login to admin and goto Online Store->Theme menu at left sidebar.
  2. Click on the Customization button under the Current theme section at the right.
  3. Scroll at the bottom and click on the Theme Settings
  4. Select the App embeds tab.
  5. You will find the CP24 - Form Builder app, Just client the enable button.
  6. Finally click on Save at the top right corner.

Still have an issue with setup reach out at support@cloudplug24.com we will do it for you.

  1. From the app section login into the CP24 - Form Builder admin section.
  2. Choose a form type that you want to create, and follow the create from wizard to create a form with different fields & settings you want.
  3. Once form created, Copy the form short code from the form listing page.
  4. Simply past this short code into the content section of an existing or new page where you want the form to be appear.
  5. Additionally, You can put this short code into the template code section, so this form will appear on all of the pages in which this template is being used.

Still have an issue with setup reach out at support@cloudplug24.com we will do it for you.

There are two way to add the registration form into your store.

  • Replace the existing/default registration form.
    1. Go to the theme editor, edit you current theme and open the customers/register.liquid template.
    2. Under this file, comment out all the liquid code from {%- assign formId = 'RegisterForm' -%} to {% endform %}.
    3. Copy the CP24 - Form Builder, Form short code and past into this template just before the above code commented.
    4. Save the template form and reload the front registration page and you will see the new CP24 - Form Builder registration form.
  • Add an additional registration from on the store.
    1. Create a new page from the page section.
    2. Copy the CP24 - Form Builder, Form short code and past it into the content editor of this page.
    3. Now, Go to your online theme editor and change all the registration page link to this new page url.

Still have an issue with setup reach out at support@cloudplug24.com we will do it for you.

Adding chat from is pretty simple simple. From the create from wizard choose the Chat from, while create the chat from under the setting section you will find the position (Right, Left, Bottom Left, Bottom Right) to display the chat from, simple choose a position and save the form and it will display a Chat icon on chosen position.

Please note, A chat form does not require a short code to copy and past into front store.

Still have an issue with setup reach out at support@cloudplug24.com we will do it for you.

CP24 - Form Builder FAQs

CP24 - Form Builder & Contact Form provide the solution to create beautiful forms to get customer inquiry with file attachment to fulfill different purposes. CP24 - Form Builder & Contact Form is a spam-free app that helps you to build a fully responsive, user-friendly, spectacular, and professional contact form in a short span of time.

This app provides pre-built templates & assists you to create your own custom form with drag & drop fields. Form settings are easy to use and you can set up email templates. CP24 - Form Builder & Contact Form is an application that places a customizable contact form widget on any page of a Shopify store.

You can create different category forms like Contact Us, Chat/Floating Popup, Questionnaire Form, Survey Form, Quiz Form, Custom Shopify Registration Form, Wholesaler Registration Form, Event Registration Form, Customer Feedback Form, Assessment/Audit Form, Job Application Form, Registration Form, and many more with ease.

  1. Mobile responsive forms that work on any device like Mobile, Tab, and Desktop.
  2. Autoresponders support, Acknowledge your customers by setting up an autoresponder with each form.
  3. Google-captcha support to prevent the bots on your website.
  4. Create Additional Registration form for B2B/Wholesale Customers, Add tags & create into Shopify on Approval.
  5. Allow creating multiple forms with unlimited form fields and input fields.
  6. File upload, Including multiple files at once up to 25 MB.
  7. Allow uploading attachment files (jpg, jpeg, png, css, pdf, gif, sag, psd, ai, stl, stp, step, doc, docx, txt, eps).
  8. Floating/Chat form with an option to display in single or all pages in popup model. Customer registration form, Shopify customer API integration, create/update customers, send account invitation emails.
  9. Customize email templates & get an email for each form submitted and file attachment right in your inbox.
  10. Access your form submissions inquiry at any time from the admin panel.
  11. Additional option to add your own CSS class on form element if you want to control the look and feel by your own CSS.
  12. Beautiful dashboard to see the submission date wise in the graphical view, recent submissions, and total forms & submission statistics.
  13. Multiple pre-built forms templates to save your time.
  14. Showing form on the popup, so a visitor can quickly get in touch should they need it.
  15. All kinds of input widgets to meet your needs: One-line Text, Multi-line Text, Dropdown, Radio Select, Number, Date, Email, Heading, Paragraphs, Files Upload, Button etc.
  16. Easy to embed the form into your page using simple shortcodes.
  17. Designed Email Template - By default good design for submitted data on inbox. You can set your own design for inbox data.

You can create 3 types of forms that can be use for many different purposes.

  1. Registration form
  2. Chat form
  3. Simple/Contact form

Above 3 form type can help you fulfill the different purpose like

  1. Contact Us
  2. Chat/Floating Popup
  3. Shopify Registration Form With Address Fields
  4. Wholesaler Registration Form
  5. B2B Registration Form
  6. Event Registration Form
  7. Questionnaire Form
  8. Customer Feedback Form
  9. Assessment/Audit Form
  10. Job Application Form
  11. Product Inquiry From

Yes, CP24 - Form Builder support the file upload

There is no limit in file upload, It depend on the CP2 - Form Builder plan you chosen. Also, On request we can enable more limit based on your use case.

Yes, We CP24 - Form Builder have the setting to enable the create customer on Approval, So that you can review the submission and then create the customer on Shopify store.

Yes, You can defined the multiple tags, these tag will be added to Shopify customer.